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Unbridled Adventure Race Series - Race #2 - Kenlake

Participant Information

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The Kentucky State Parks Foundation is a great organization that is helping bring you these races. We'd like for you to see their newsletter. 361° will never share your email address without your permission. If you'd rather not hear from The KSPF just uncheck the box below. 

Hey seriously, this organization is really doing some good for our parks. Please consider becoming a member. I am. Just click the button below to be directed to the KSPF page in a new window.
--Dallas, 361°



Team Name

You may use this section to create a new team or join an existing team. The password is used to allow others to join your team. Just share the password with your teammates and they can enter it when they register to be added to the team. SOLO racers - just create what name you'd like to race under.

NOTE: To be entered into the series standings you must compete in the EXACT SAME DIVISION (solo, co-ed, or open), under the EXACT SAME TEAM NAME you use throughout the series.


**Team Captains will receive a confirmation email each time someone joins their team**

Use the email tool below to invite your teammates. Be sure to include your Team Name and Password.

Invite your teammates to join your team!  

USARA Waiver

This event is sanctioned and insured by the United States Adventure Racing Association. All participants must be USARA members to participate. If you are not a current member you may purchase a one day membership for $8.00, or an annual membership for $35. 

      Please click here and read the USARA Waiver carefully.
**** You must check both boxes below to complete your waiver online. ****

Use the section below for participants 18 and under only
FOR MINORS: All minors must have a parent or legal guardian complete the form. 


Boat Rental

Canoe Kentucky will be providing rental boats for those of you who would like to rent either a kayak or canoe for the race. All boats come with PFDs and paddles. Kayaks come with double bladed paddles and canoes with single bladed paddles. You are welcome to bring your own PFDs and/or paddles to use with the rental boats.

Three person teams using one canoe may wish to bring a center seat for the third person.

TEAMS: Make sure to coordinate with your teammates on the boat rental options. We recommend using 1 boat for a 2 or 3 person team, and 2 boats for a 4 person team. You may choose any configuration you wish, however.  Note that not everyone on the team will need to pay for a boat rental.

Fees are per boat. Not per person.





Terms & Conditions

Listen, we're not in this to get rich. We barely break even sometimes, but we really love putting on races. We love you too. We hope you love us right back and don't ask us for a refund. Here's why: The amount of money it takes to put on a race like this is largely dependent on how many people sign up. Maps, food, swag, and a lot of other things are ordered and paid for by the time you might decide that you can't make it to the race after all. So while we really would like to offer a full refund policy (like a big fancy company) we just can't afford to do that and continue to put on quality races. Hope that makes sense, and that's why we have a NO REFUND POLICY.

The 361° Crew

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